Just read that the inequality of income and wealth in the US is at a pre French revolution level. I wonder if that will continue or grow. Where is the tipping point? Is media the “church” of the masses. As long as people listen to the media for information they are happy with the reporting and take it as factual information. What would spark a revolution? Police killing unarmed young people? The whole notion of wealth seems to go back to Reagan’s trickle-down myth. I read the cup doesn’t overflow but rather the rich just get bigger cups. What is the demarkation line? 1 million in wealth? 10 million? I’d like to know. I wonder how you got on the list of people lined up for the guillotine in the french revolution? There must have been a criteria. Maybe not. Perhaps it was political and wealth identified.  I will look on wikipedia.


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  1. Well, I read about the French Revolution on Wikipedia. The original revolution and reign of terror caught the elite. Some that survived came back and had a counter revolution. The French revolution post dated the American revolution. There were several conditions that brought on the french revolution; people wanting the end of feudalism, high prices for bread due to a bad harvest, foreign wars, and suspicions about both the clergy and the aristocracy. People wanted equality and they were angry at how the politicians had stalled progress.

  2. As far as parallels to the present day US. We have an alarming inequality of wealth, we have stagnate wages, foreign wars, and we have suspicions about our government.

  3. We have a drought and high food prices. We have mistrust of the clergy. We have a plutocracy. A few rich people influencing the elections.Just as in the French Revolution times we have an underground press on the Internet. We have two factions fighting against one another. We have grid lock and lack of progress on creating equality.