Notebook 1 Page 1

drawing p1 colored

So in my usual fashion I print the drawing after I scan it from a little 3×5 notebook. Really I copied it and enlarged it. I then hand colored it with colored pencil and pen. Rescan it and play with fading photoshop filters to create more motion. This is what I get. So what I want is something with detail but based on an old drawing. The original was very small. Little 3.5 by 5 inch drawings. An abstraction about surfaces and shapes. I play with the edge by creating a border that is not perfect. The computer effects are hard to control. I apply an effect like zigzag and then fade it 50 percent to get a kind of ghosting of the drawing. The upper left corner needed more so I sectioned it off and applied zig zag and faded it to 60%.

I like the thumbnail as it is on this word press page.

So the next step is to see if I am satisfied or keep pushing the image. Another print out and hand coloring. Another scan and who knows.


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