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Spring 2015 Session

We are well underway for Spring 2015. I am fortunate to work with Anthropology professors and lectures this semester. Topics range from Mesoamerica, native people in North America, and the topic of genocide. I’ve tuned into the course recordings to check that they are going well. With the help of the library I am also providing video clips for limited playback on the web. My second faculty person has been trained to run their own setup and recordings. It is possible to train some faculty to take that responsibility. It saves me trips to the location. I think it empowers faculty.

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It is about time for presidential candidates to declare running for 2016. I think it is Hillary’s to lose. But others might jump in the race. Jeb Bush seems like a logical choice.  I don’t think Hillary is as liberal as Obama. I’d really like to see Elizabeth Warren as president. She is my pick. But I want to hear what all the candidates have to say. It would be funny to see Bill Clinton as First Husband.

Look at Merkel in Germany. Apparently she can fluently speak in Russian, German, and English.  I think she shows that women can lead in a position of authority.

I love how the republicans want to outlaw the filibuster in the Senate. They must think people are stupid or don’t know their recent history.

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