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Flame Painter Pro

Flame Painter makes drawings that I love. I am just beginning to explore custom brushes and layers.

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Drawing from Notebook 1

T1thumb T1


diptych of shark 3×5″, ink on paper, photoshop, 1996-2013

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Flame Painting Series

Flame1 Flame2 Flame3 Flame4 Flame5 Flame6 Flame7 Flame8

digital paintings 1280×720


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Exploring Flame painter


1280FP1, FlamePainter, 2013 (click to enlarge 1280 x 720 72dpi)

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Notebook 1 parts drawing


A drawing from the mid 90’s. Male and Female Parts, ink on paper 3″ x 5″

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Notebook 1 middle page


This from a notebook from the mid 90s. Ink pen, 3″x 5″ paper. It reminds me of the days I worked in cytogenetics developing film of chromosomes for a lab. Every chromosome had bands on it.

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Page 3 notebook 1


I took a page from a notebook and scanned it. Then I printed it and did some hand coloring. Rescanned that and did a twirl in photoshop. Faded the twirl as a multiply layer.


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Motion 5


Just getting started with a weekend with Motion 5 from Apple.

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New Design

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 6.05.48 PM

I am working on this design at the moment.


Drawing 3diptic


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Blackened Star Petal Opening

Blackened Star Petal Opening, Rubright, 1990 Mixed Media, Artist Collection

Back to my work. I love geometry and math. This piece reminds me of pedals opening and incorporates the black space that I find so interesting. The process for this piece is to create one quarter of the design in a vector program like Illustrator. This was actually created in SuperPaint on the Mac in the 90’s. I would create a quarter of the design then flip vertical and make half of the design then flip the half to make a whole design. I then printed the design on a laser printer. Next, I turned the design/page over and scribbled on the page with a black marker in such a way that some of the scribble covers the design. Then I turn the page over and fill in the areas with a black marker that are bleeding through the page. Then I get out the color pencils and sharpies and color the design by hand. Then I scan it back on the computer so I can make infinite copies. So writing about this piece I get excited about doing more…

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