Golf at Brown Deer

This last weekend I played a round of golf. It was chilly in the low 50’s but it wasn’t unpleasant. My mood goes way up after playing golf.  I wonder if that was the last round of the year?

Brown Deer golf course is challenging. It is not like Saddleback in that it is unforgiving. You have to hit the ball straight off the tee. There are plenty of hazards. I had a couple blowup holes on the front. I was 20 ft from a birdie only to 4 putt. On the back I just didn’t play as well. I had trouble again with putts and I dubbed a couple chips.

Still broke 90.  I had like 42 putts. But I was hitting most fairways and quite a few greens in regulation. I had quite a few looks at birdie. But I had no birdies.

If this is the last round of the year then I think it is going out on a high note. I think the high note of the year for me was playing in a best-shot in Mt Vernon. The low point was playing in 110 heat index in the Sasso Memorial in June.

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