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Playing with Wordles, and Wiki


I made this wordle of action words sort of a self-actualization. The words are from journals long ago.

I love letterisms. Here I dumped the whole text of wiki on “astrology signs” into a wordle.


And here is one on the existentialism wiki.


And here I limit to 50 words,same topic.


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Virgo and golf


So I thought I would talk about astrology. It fits into the whole mysticism topic. I think it represents folklore and it is a guide to personality but we aren’t tied to any outcome because of it. I read a great book on Saturn and it’s significance in astrology. It is suppose to be an indication of personality. The analogy is that of the store front. What is in the store front window and what is in the store when you go inside.

For example there are people that show off, brag, and have things that they show you they think makes them important and when you dig alittle deeper into their personality you find they are unhappy. That there is nothing in the store. They are a disappointment and you won’t come back. Then there are some people that have very little in the store front. They don’t show anything but when you get to know them they are great people. They may have so little in the store front you might not know that they are a store. And it can be a great surprise to go in and find plenty in the store. So in astrology the position of Saturn on the birth chart is suppose to indicate the personality and what is in the store front and what is in the store. I think it is a useful analogy.

You want to have something in your store front. Otherwise people won’t notice you at all. They will pass you by. You have to show you can interact with people. And when someone wants to come into the store and shop you need to have the shelves stocked.

I think this is true in all things. You balance your store front and the inventory. You don’t want to disappoint people by having everything loaded in the store front.

Let me digress…

As for the wordle above. I grabbed a definition of my sign in the Zodiak and made a wordle of it. Virgos are known to be picky, critical, and detailed oriented. I had a reading on my birth chart and was born as a double Virgo. For that reading, it was expected that I would become a teacher. I am. I was told I may not value things as much as I should. And I can be impractical. I certainly have that issue from time to time. But again, this is folklore talking and I don’t see it’s relevance beyond the wisdom of the ages that can be applied to anyone. Historically, Saturn was seen as a symbol of the “malefic”. But now it is considered as a predeterminer of personality in the birth chart.

Back to the store front. There are sad stories of people with so little showing but so much inside. People that are depressed or shy but that are hardworking and loyal. I see everyone with a store and a store front. Being more self-deterministic I just like the analogy and am not so convinced by the birth chart’s significance.

The way I meet people is in pick up games on the golf course. You never know who you will meet when you walk on and get paired with strangers. You can’t just play your game and say nothing. You have to make the effort to get to know them. You usually talk about work and family. Then you talk about anything. You complement good shots keeping in mind the level of skill of the golfer. So you have to size up the player. I’ve never had a bad experience with who I meet. In fact, that is how I meet most of my friends. I played with one quiet gentlemen and on the second hole he made a hole-in-one which is like winning the lottery. That was a long time ago. I’ve met talkers that are big personalities. They really like to talk. And sometimes they just talk so much you can’t concentrate on the game. They are actually boring.

But other times you strike up a conversation and that leads to a friendship, even an enduring one. Perhaps you get invited to tournaments or vice verse. Golf is a social sport. It can be a team sport. It has had an explosion of interest since the emergence of Tiger Woods. The only time I really don’t like golf is being paired up with golfers in singles tournaments that take themselves and their game so seriously. They have things in their store front, they are usually good players (a shiny object), but they don’t think they need to get to know you which is part of the game. So they are arrogant knobs.

Golf is so popular that I think I read that corporations are assigning employees to learn golf. If you want to learn more about golf I suggest reading the short but witty book by Harvey Penick. “The Little Red Book” and “The Little Green Book”. I subscribe to his methods of teaching golf and how and what he values about the game. The book seems to have little upfront but a wealth of interesting points about the game inside.

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